Monday, September 14, 2015

Welcome to Jordan – A glance at our trip

A short video of my visual impressions in Jordan
make sure to watch in HD
Music: Jihad Akl - A Violin Affair

     As our lives become increasingly fast paced and as we are all more and more present on the World Wide Web, the media have gained influence on tourism and destinations all over the world. The variety of ways in which images of a certain places are spread out in the world are greater than ever before, posing opportunities but at the same time dangers to touristic places. Photographs and video material of a place that is shown on TV, in newspapers, travel books, etc. allow future visitors to have expectations and images that distances them from the actual reality way before their visit. This ‘danger’ is now even more present as private pictures are increasingly available online when uploaded on various social media. Thus they do not constitute the mere capturing of a moment to frame and hang up in the living room to show family and friends, but have the ability to reach a global audience.
While I do not intend to reach a global audience with this video, I did want to capture moments on my trip to Jordan to share the visual experience I had with family, friends and readers of my blog. I chose the title ‘Welcome to Jordan’ as this phrase resounded everywhere I went and made me feel very welcomed in the country. Furthermore it reminds me of the most memorable tourist encounter I had.

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