Monday, September 14, 2015

A truly memorable trip to Jordan – concluding thoughts

    In conclusion I would like to wrap up this blog with a few last thoughts about the trip to Jordan.         
As I have made clear in my first blog entry, I was a bit worried initially to travel to Jordan and then my fears vanished totally through the most positive and warm welcome I have ever experienced anywhere. While Jordan might be located in a region that is unfortunately struck by a continuous turmoil, I felt very safe in this country. Not only with regard to the dangers from the Syrian border for instance but also as a tourist when getting in touch with locals, as I never felt that the locals were pushy or overly nice when talking to us, on the contrary, they made us all feel very welcomed and at ease. I actually felt like I was in a little oasis of peace in the middle of a tense area. Moreover, while numerous impressions I gathered were from things and encounters that were unfamiliar or unknown to me, I never felt that I was lost or trapped in a culture that I do not understand. I had the feeling that our tour guide as well as everyone that we met tried to make us understand the culture while also accepting and understanding the cultural difference between us. I strongly believe this mostly open attitude towards tourists and their cultures and trying to stay true to their own Jordanian traditions and culture is a remarkable virtue, which can be of a big advantage for tourism but also serve as an example for other countries all over the world. For myself, I hope to be able to take some of this open attitude with me. I feel very blessed that I had the chance to visit Jordan and experience a country that has surprised me a little bit more every day I was there, which made this trip truly memorable. 

Jordan's flag in Amman

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